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Listing fee for all Commercial or Residential Property for Sale or Letting is:

€15 per month per single listing regardless of the type of listing.
A listing includes:
  • multiple pictures
  • free text description


Listing fees for all Residential or Commercial Property for Sale and/or to let are:

Single Listing: €15 per month for 1 listing
Silver Pack: €39 per month for up to 10 listings
Gold Pack: €49 per month for up to 25 listings
Platinum Pack: €59 per month for up to 50 listings

Each listing includes:
  • multiple pictures
  • free text description

If you have in excess of 50 property listings per month or want to discuss an annual unlimited number of listings please Contact Us to provide you with a personal quote.

What is a Pack? Listings are purchased in packs (as described above) and each pack runs for one to 6 months (at your convenience) from the date of the purchase. Each pack enables to list any type of property in any section.

Changing Listings: You can change each listing at anytime – either just to update the price or if you have sold a property you can simply replace that listing with a listing for a different property which will run until the end of the original listing or Pack period.

Additional Listings : If you need additional listings during the same month then another pack must be purchased. For example, if you list 10 properties on the 1st March you will pay for a Silver Pack @ €39 for the month running from 1st to 31st March. If you wish to place an additional 4 listings on the 15th March you will then need to pay for another pack for the month (or more) running from 15th March to 14th April.