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Please note the following terms and conditions relating to your Partner Agency application ( the "Pertnering Terms"):

Only a limited number of partner agencies will be selected per city/area (selection and appointment of partner agencies is at Riviera Property's sole descretion).

Each Partner Agency that is appointed must commit to place a minumum of 10 property listings every month (in any section ie sale or letting listings) and keep them updated during its partnering period.

In return for this minimum listing commitment, a Partner Agency will:

A) receive a free Silver Pack for each month of the partnering period; and
B) be listed in our Partner Agency Directory which is viewable by all users.

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The partnering assist Riviera Property to keep a minimum volume of listings in its database in order to ensure efficient and productive searches for its users. At the end of the its current partnering period an agency must reapply to have its partner status renewed. In the event that a Partner Agency does not meet is commitment to place a minumum of 10 listings every month, for any 2 months consecutively, Riviera Property reserves the right to revoke the that Agency's partner status. In this case, the agency will be removed from the Partner Agency Directory and will no longer recieve a monthly Silver Pack for free. Please note that the selection, appointment and revocation of partnering status will at all times be at Riviera property's sole discretion and Riviera Property is not obligated to provide reasons for its decisions in this regard. Note also that the terms "partner" and "partnering" as used in relation to real estate agencies is intended only to be a descriptor of commercial collaboration and does not in any way create or imply any legal relationship of employment, agency or partnership between a Riviera Property and the Partner Agency.

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(a) will place a mimumum of 10 property listings per month, for each month during the partnering period;
(b) will regularly update and renew these listings (no less frequently than monthly);
(c) has read, understood and accepted both the Partnering Terms above and the for this Website; and;
(d) I, as the person submitting this application and accepting these partnering conditions, have the authority to accept them on behalf of my Agency and thus legally bind my Agency under them.

If you are accepted as a Partner Agency, you will receive a confirmation email and a Partner Agency Password which you will enter when purchasing listings in order to redeem your free monthly Silver Pack.